If you ask what inspires us more, the answer will sound as follows: the participants of the festival.


They are great, talented, weird, and they do unbelievable things. They make Minsk a bookish city, and we are proud of knowing each of them.


Many Minsk creative teams and groups from other cities, including home theatres and literary and scientific projects, prepare magnificent premiere events for the festival.

Publishing companies, stores, and libraries support the projects and events, and the authors never refuse to take part in our crazy ideas.

Thanks a lot to all of them!


We’ll share our dreams with you - and they’ll turn into reality in the near future!


We want the festival to not only show what’s going on now, but also make an influence on what will be held in the literary Minsk.

We hope the festival will raise and deal with different issues and discover new kinds of activities and, ideally, even names.

We expect it to conduct bright, unusual, and at the same time highly anticipated events involving our authors and our books.

We would like the festival to become a stage where new projects appear, including international.


We dream about welcoming famous foreign authors in Minsk, which is quite an understandable desire of any book lover. Many Belarusians can’t afford visits to global book fairs and festivals. So, meeting the authors is a nice gift to Minsk and its citizens.


We hope that foreign diplomatic representatives and cultural centers will become the partners of the "City and Books" festival in 2019. We do believe that culture and literature of other countries will enrich our festival with the new names and bring new ideas on promoting books and reading to the city literary life.

In short, our hopes are announced:

we’d like to welcome the experts from your countries in Minsk who can share best practices on how to work with books and reading;

and your key writers.


We are ready to organize the activities on the Expert Area taking into consideration your demands, namely, to devote a separate day and find a separate room so that book lovers no longer make a choice what they want more - to study or participate in an extensive festival program.

We intend to organize a range of extra meetings outside the festival, at schools and in the libraries, for the authors.

We’ll be glad to consider your ideas and suggestions.


What remains the same:

Free entrance. Access to books should be equal for all.

Quality of the events. We strive to make the events bright and colourful, but follow the principle that only book and literary events are involved.

Expert Area. As you can see, we strongly believe in this particular area.

Smiley Creatures will always be the festival’s soul, its core, and a highly expected event. It’s being prepared for the whole year such as the festival.

Join us!


Sales activities during the festival will be available only for its partners



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