For 4 years, our festival has been organized based on the crowdsourcing principles and with the help of volunteers and all people who are not indifferent to the reading topic.


Thanks to everyone who helps the festival every year thus becoming a part of the unique city event and promoting reading culture!


Traditionally, at the beginning of the year we announce the items we can’t do without.


You can donate a little money - just transfer it to the MTBank account (5351 0413 3343 6945, card expiration date 12/19).

It's easy to do that using the MTB online service. We will definitely account for all expenses. 


You can become the festival’s partner assisting in one or several items.


1. Tents.


We are moving to the building, but still there is a couple of areas left outside in 2019. You can assist us with a huge tent (for 60 people)! We need some smaller ones as well. 

Our team will be glad to mention in all our announcements and posters that this area will become a part of the festival thanks to your help.




2.  Author event sponsorship.


You can become a sponsor of an author event paying for the transfer, accommodation, and meals of a foreign author or expert.


Becoming the sponsor of the author event, you’ll get:

an opportunity to brand all meeting zones and autograph signing sessions of the author;

a joint action together with the author;

mention in the festival’s program and other festival-related materials;

placing the logo on the website and posters and references in the informational packages for media.



3. Event sponsorship.


You can become a sponsor of any other event in the program that requires sponsorship.

It’ll be stated in the program that the event is conducted with your assistance.


How to get informed about the events that require sponsorship? Please drop us an email at



 4. Sponsorship of special projects and stands


Current projects that need assistance:


4.1. “Smiley Creatures” exhibition  Thank you, Knizhnaya Nora!


4.2.  “Ordinary books about unusual children

4.2.1. To provide the project and the stand with books

4.2.2. To become a videopartner


For more information, please contact a project supervisor


4.3. The "Lantern" prize

4.3.1. To participate in the “Lantern” prize as a publishing company giving us your winning books in two copies

4.3.2. To participate in the “Lantern” prize as a bookstore giving us the required books.


More details are here.


5. Covering the costs of a cloud server for the mobile app.


For details, please contact us: +375 25 975 30 28 or


6. Printing partner.


The festival needs many printing materials every year, including programs, cards, leaflets, posters, etc.


For more information, please contact the PR manager of the festival. 



If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us via the phone (+375 25 975 30 28) or email

Thank you! See you at the festival!



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